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For men over 40, a new nutritional program is shaking up the market and changing the way people talk about food. Celebrity fitness professional Clark Bartram has made a career of aging well and keeping fit, and now he’s sharing his secrets with his new program TestMax Nutrition.

testmax nutrition

This meal plan is designed to specifically benefit middle aged men and older men, and it’s backed by emerging scientific research on the aging process.

Bartram has had a long and storied career in the health and fitness world. He may be best known to the public for his work in television and movies, including co-hosting ESPN’s Kiana’s Flex Appeal and starring in the cult classic Batman Dead End.

Fitness buffs and bodybuilders might recognize his name from his articles in publications like Ironman and Max Sports and Fitness.

Others may know him best for his professional modeling career. And millions of others have subscribed to his YouTube channel, where he educates viewers on health and physical fitness.

test max nutrition clark bartramAltogether, the inventor of TestMax Nutrition has earned a reputation as “America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional.” But, beyond his public reputation, Bartram has years of hands-on experience helping real people achieve their fitness goals. And it was this work as a personal trainer, as well as his own personal aging journey, that inspired the creation of the TestMax Nutrition program.

Aging changes men in multiple ways, beyond just the usual wrinkles and thinning hair. These effects of aging include a lower metabolism, a loss of muscle tone, and increased fatigue. Clark Bartram has noted that older men in particular face frustration when trying to get into or stay in shape.

Men who have kept a consistent diet for decades may start to notice unexplained weight gain with age. While discussing the benefits of TestMax Nutrition, Bartram has argued that older men face unique challenges, writing, “In fact, if you’re a man over 40 and can’t seem to get in shape, it’s not your fault at all.”

On his TestMax Nutrition website, Bartram is painfully honest about the physical difficulties he experienced as he aged. Though he’d been in great shape for most of his life, with age things started to change, no matter how hard he worked. “I thought maybe I was just getting lazy, didn’t have the discipline or maybe I was following my diets wrong,” he writes.

But he didn’t quit in frustration. Instead, he worked to craft a detailed meal plan for older men who want to improve their health. This meal plan, now known as TestMax Nutrition, was first put into practice by Bartram’s clients and associates. Now, he is bringing TestMax Nutrition and his years of accumulated wisdom to a wider audience.

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The central component of the TestMax Nutrition program is its meal plan. Through instructional DVDs, online videos, and written instructions, men are given a detailed plan to follow for 90 days, divided into three, month-long phases.

The TestMax Nutrition plan has been designed to be easy to follow, even for men who aren’t used to cooking. The videos guide viewers through recipes and teach techniques to make the most out of the food that is recommended. In fact, along with the meal plan and recipes, Bartram even includes a shopping list for men to follow. In the TestMax Nutrition program, nothing is left to chance, and guidance is provided every step of the way.

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The Basics of Test Max Nutrition

According to Bartram, TestMax Nutrition works to counteract the effects of aging by altering the body biochemically. In the first phase of the program, men eliminate foods from their diet that can cause negative effects like inflammation and hormonal imbalance. This includes foods that are high in artificial chemicals, along with the usual suspects of junk food and foods high in added sugars.

The second phase of TestMax Nutrition introduces foods that improve men’s health from the inside out. Each meal is planned out down to the last detail, but the wide variety of foods keeps things interesting and fresh. This phase of the TestMax Nutrition plan is generally when men start to feel a real difference in their health. Bartram’s clients and other TestMax Nutrition users have reported improved energy levels and muscle tone during this phase.

The third phase teaches men to maintain this improved diet in the long-term. TestMax Nutrition is not meant to act as a quick fix. Instead, the goal is to teach men over 40 how to eat right for the rest of their lives.

Part of this education comes from the instructional DVDs themselves, but TestMax Nutrition offers a great deal of added support. For example, clients who enroll in the TestMax Nutrition program receive access to all of their educational videos and cooking guides. And, to make prepping the meals easier and proportions accurate, a portion measurement guide is provided.

TestMax Nutrition Focuses On Affordable Foods

Men worried about wasting money on special meals can rest assured, too. In this program, all of the food can be made for under $100 per week. Since TestMax Nutrition aims to bring Bartram’s diet plan to a wide audience, he knew it had to be affordable, practical, and accommodating to the demands of modern life. Fortunately, TestMax Nutrition offers what Bartram calls a “flexible, balanced approach,” which allows men to adapt its formula for all occasions, including dining out and eating on the go.


Bartram has stated that his goal is to help men “transform their bodies and their lives” with the TestMax Nutrition program. Men who may be skeptical about its claims can view many of Bartram’s videos online for free, or they can try the TestMax Nutrition plan risk-free for a limited time. There are scores of fitness and diet plans out there, but only one that addresses older men with such a comprehensive plan.

Thanks to TestMax Nutrition, if you’re a man over age 40 you can now get back your health and physical prowess that you may have lost to the passage of time.


TestMax Nutrition Can Help You

Every man wants a strong, defined physique. And it’s no surprise that looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand.

But far too often as we get older, it becomes harder and harder to have the energy to maintain muscle mass while banishing belly fat. For many, the slow decline into an unhealthy lifestyle seems to be an unavoidable part of aging with only a few lucky people able to keep their body looking its best.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Looking your best well into your 60s, 70s, and even 80s is not about the luck of the draw but about working with your body’s changing needs.

Created with those changes in mind, the TestMax Nutrition program was developed to help men over 40 regain the body of their youth without having to cut out foods they enjoy.

The TestMax Nutrition system works to help combat the real cause of weight gain and loss of muscle in older men.

As we age our bodies start producing less test which is vital in energy production, muscle gain, weight loss, and libido as well. This is at no fault to anyone or their lifestyle, it’s just a natural part of aging.

The TestMax Nutrition system aims to restore balance to your declining hormone levels making it easier to have the body you’ve always wanted. With no excuses made for age.

By showing you how to add test boosting and estrogen blocking food to your diet, the TestMax Nutrition system works against the natural decline in hormones to help you restore previous levels while improving your ability to gain muscle and lose weight.

Created by Clark Bartram, the TestMax Nutrition program is specifically tailored for older men, targeting the often overlooked aspect of weight gain. The 53-year-old Bartram built the system around his own dietary discoveries as he struggled with his weight entering his 30s. Clark began to notice the exercises and meal plans he once relied on started to have unimpressive results as he aged. After much testing and trials, Clark Bartram put together the perfect hormone enhancing program for older men and thus the TestMax Nutrition system was born.

How TestMax Nutrition Works

The TestMax Nutrition system is built around the understanding that the challenges facing older men looking to stay fit are much different than those of younger age. Simply exercising and eating less can at times not be enough to counteract the natural process of aging. The natural decline in testosterone stacks the odds in an ever increasingly difficult challenge to look the way you’ve always wanted to. As testosterone levels decline, energy levels start to diminish, muscle mass becomes harder to maintain, and fat conversion is not as efficient as it once was.

The TestMax Nutrition system helps restore those levels for men without making them rely on a lifetime of filled prescriptions or doctor visits. It uses simple dietary science to help men eat meals that naturally promote healthy hormone production. Once healthy levels are restored, losing weight and gaining muscle become easier and the results speak for themselves.

What Do You Get With TestMax Nutrition

The TestMax Nutrition program comes with all the resources you’ll need to start changing your lifestyle and replenishing your decline hormone levels. With plenty of guides and videos to help you understand every single step along the way. The complete program includes healthy and easy to follow recipes geared towards restoring hormone production with the perfect ratio for each item to maximize the benefits of every meal.

The Testmax Nutrition program also includes helpful tips on how to prepare your meals in the most efficient way possible, with a focus on working around your busy schedule, and comes with detailed shopping lists to provide you with a foundation for turning your lifestyle completely around. In addition to helping restore hormone levels, make gaining muscle easier, and banishing belly fat, the TestMax Nutrition system can help you save money in the long run with week long meal plans that cost less that a couple nights spent dining at a restaurant.

Once you join the TestMax Nutrition system, you can gain access to videos instructing you how to prepare your new meals and can even access your entire progress from your cell phone.

As a Bonus

TestMax Nutrition subscribers receive a free months access to the new recipes and meal plans available online because the only thing possibly worse than belly fat is having to eat the same thing far too many times. Subscribers will also get a bonus set of DVDs and instant access to the complete library of TestMax Nutrition videos online.

What To Expect From TestMax Nutrition

The complete TestMax Nutrition system is broken down into three easy to follow phases.

Phase 1
The first portion of your journey to reclaiming the body you want is geared towards detoxifying your body of nutrients and foods that harm your body’s ability to produce the much needed male hormones. The thirty days of removing detrimental food and replacing it with healthier hormone promoting substitutes prepares your body for the next step of getting in shape the TestMax Nutrition way.

Phase 2
Once the detox has been completed, the real changes start. In Phase 2 you’ll notice the drastic improvements your body makes as body fat disappears from your belly.

Phase 3
The final stage of your transformation prepares you to continue living the TestMax Nutrition lifestyle as you begin to choose which meal plans support your individual needs best while continuing to maximize hormone production.

The entire TestMax Nutrition program is available for only $197 but if you purchase now, you’ll receive the entire program plus the bonus DVDs and month access to Clark Bartram’s custom meal plan for ONLY $97.

The program is covered by a 100%-money-back guarantee!